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At The Illunis Co. We believe in creating wholistic marketing that encompasses your entire web presence. From making sure your site ranks well in Google to dialing in your advertising funnel and targeting - our goal is to grow your business getting you the results you are looking for.

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Scalable Marketing Solutions for Business Growth

No matter if you're in the startup phase or you've been in business for awhile - if you are missing foundational marketing elements you are hijacking your growth potential. Our goal at Illunis Co. is to ensure sustainable business growth year over year utilizing every piece of the marketing toolkit to elevate you and your business and accomplish your growth goals.

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"Kat knows her stuff. Not only did she teach us a lot, but she also performed and we made money!"

- verapax (client)

Digital Marketing Strategy

Fundamental Building Blocks to Marketing Success

An often overlooked but key piece of keeping your businesses marketing aligned is the marketing strategy. A strategy ensures that all your marketing pieces are working together instead of creating an inefficient marketing experience where fractured fundamental pieces aren't aligned and working against you,

Investing in Strategy will increase your revenue overall.

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Creating a strategy will help you...

Target the Correct Audience: Too often people have a really great product or service but do not understand their buyer persona or how to get their service in front of those wanting it.


Avoid Fractured Marketing: When the core pieces of your marketing don't work in sync you create a fractured experience costing you conversions.


Creating Business Longevity: Most businesses fail within the first few years having a sustainable marketing plan increases longevity.


Increase Revenue: It goes without saying that marketing directly impacts sales. Great marketing allows you to continue scaling revenue growth.


This is for you if...

Want long term business success

Are interested in sustainable growth

Want to have the best quality marketing

Are looking to outrank your competition

Believe all marketing pieces work together

Are ready to make your business amazing

This NOT is for you if...

Think shortcuts lead to success

Aren't willing to take advice

Don't think a marketing funnel works

Don't want to target the right consumers

Aren't willing to work towards growth

Think fractured marketing isn't hurting you

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Search Advertising PPC

Google - Microsoft - Amazon 

Search Advertising is a fundamental of any paid ads strategy. The ability to target industry specific keywords and drive traffic and sales can be critical for any business. Making sure you are getting you business in front the right people when they're searching is a make or break that Search Advertising can be part of the solution to. 

Utilizing PPC, can increase your traffic and revenue overall.

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What is PPC?

Increase QUALIFIED Traffic: Because of how PPC is targeted at individual search results it only shows to those searching for what you offer driving your potential clients to you.


Increased Conversions: Making Sure your Ad is in front of the right people drives traffic which in turn increases conversion rates adding revenue to your business. 


Search Engine Advertising

PPC stands for Pay-Per-Click, a way of advertising online that is used to drive traffic to websites. PPC works by having advertisers bid on certain keywords and phrases related to their businesses - when someone searches for something using those keywords, the advertiser's ads will appear in the search results. The advertiser pays only when someone clicks on their ad.

Our PPC Services

Keyword Research

Uncover and understand the exact keywords and terms your ideal audience is using to find what they need. This process is a blend of creativity and analysis, going beyond just the most popular keywords. It's important to ensure that these keywords are not only popular but also relevant to your specific industry, company, location, and offerings.

Competitive Analysis

Creating an effective PPC campaign structure is vital for attracting leads to your products and services. Allowing your marketing team to invest ample time in this essential step if you're starting from scratch.

Campaign Build Out

Uncover and understand the exact keywords and terms your ideal audience is using to find what they need. This process is a blend of creativity and analysis, going beyond just the most popular keywords. It's important to ensure that these keywords are not only popular but also relevant to your specific industry, company, location, and offerings.

Campaign Management

After launching your ads, it's essential to monitor their performance. With optimization strategies, we can decrease spending on underperforming keywords and allocate more budget to those delivering better results. Stay in control of your ad campaigns and maximize your ROI.

Where will my ads show up?

Getting the Ad Placements You Want

There are several factors that go into this. Like which platform(s) we choose together are most valuable to your business, and what specific ads and location we are trying to accomplish.

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"Having an excellent digital marketing strategy that produces results is paramount for my business. [Illunis] is at the top of my list of advisors who not only helps me think through strategy, but also has the ability to create the plan and execute."

- Jared Polak Entre Results

Social Advertising

Meta - TikTok - LinkedIn 

Social Media Advertising is a powerful tool for businesses of all sizes. It allows you to reach potential customers through targeted campaigns and offers great insights into their interests, behaviors, and demographics. With the right strategy, social media advertising can help build brand awareness, drive website traffic, boost conversion rates, and increase sales. 

Social Advertising builds brand awareness and conversion

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Our Social Services


Meta Advertising target your customers through demographic markers, lookalike audience based on previous clientele or retarget website visitors. Properly targeted Ads can drive business.


This video based platform has become the breakout platform for many businesses. Allowing for demographic and lookalike targeting it's millions of users have substantial buying power.


A mainstay for SAS and service based businesses this platform has high conversion rates for certain industries and shouldn't be overlooked.

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Why Social Advertising

Increasing Your Ditgital Presence and Brand Awareness

Discover the undeniable advantages of social media marketing. By harnessing the power of social ads, you can precisely target your audience, seamlessly connect with your company's profile, and achieve a myriad of marketing objectives. Whether it's building brand recognition or boosting sales, the possibilities are endless.

Email Marketing

CRM, ESP, and SMS Too!

So you got a new potential customer to your website from an ad - what next? If they purchased, great! Now you need a way to communicate with them and hopefully get a repeat sale as well. If not - did you have a hook, a free pdf, introductory discount, or something to get them to give you a way to contact them so you can upsell your products or services?

Email Marketing is a great place to continue the conversation with clients

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How can we increase return with email marketing

Personalization: Email marketing allows businesses to tailor their messages based on customer data, ensuring that the content is relevant and engaging for each recipient.


Automation: By using automated emails, businesses can streamline their workflows and increase efficiency.


Cost-Effectiveness: Email marketing is one of the most cost-effective channels available, with a minimal upfront investment and relatively low ongoing costs.


Reach: With email marketing, businesses can reach potential customers anywhere in the world at any time.


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a necessity for any business aiming to retain and expand its customer base

Email Marketing offers a direct and personalized channel of communication, which enhances customer relationship management. Email marketing can be highly targeted, ensuring that messages reach the right audience at the right time.


Stunning emails made simple. This customizable template based ESP creates some of the most beautiful email campaigns around. Perfect for the SME, bloggers, and creative entrepreneurs out there - Flodesk is one of our favorites around here.

Some of our ESP/CRM Fav's

Active Campaign

Perfect for the mid sized business, this CRM is one of our favorite recommendations for sales teams. With deal stages, company profiles, and SMS capabilities, this CRM is a cost effective sales CRM solution.


A leader in the sales CRM space - their pipeline management system is one of the best on the market. Great for midsize and large teams they're more cost effective than some of their competitors with user friendly interfaces, and great customer support.


This ESP is great for Service based and E-comm alike. Affordable options, user friendly interface, and light automations, Klaviyo is a great option for a variety of businesses and teams.

Got another Email Marketing Provider?

we've worked with them all.

From Hubspot to SendinBlue, Constant Contact to MailChimp, to Brevo, Nutshell, and Kintone. (Really we could keep listing forever). There are loads of great options out there and we've worked with a lot of them - we'd love to work with you and your top pick too!

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SEO is the fundamental for a great business and website

Search engine optimization (SEO) is the process of optimizing webpages and content to make them more visible in organic search engine results. SEO involves a range of techniques, such as keyword research, link building, and content creation, that help improve visibility on search engines like Google or Bing. By improving rankings in organic search results, businesses can increase their website traffic

Your site might be pretty but does it get traffic

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SEO is Worth the Investment

Increase Visibility: SEO can help increase both the quantity and quality of website traffic, ensuring that potential customers are more likely to find your business online.


Improve User Experience: Optimizing webpages for search engines also improves user experience, as it increases loading speed and simplifies navigation.


Build Trust: By appearing in organic search results, businesses can build trust with their customers, as they are seen as trustworthy and legitimate. 


Generate Leads: SEO is one of the most cost-effective ways to generate leads and increase conversions. By targeting keywords relevant to your industry, businesses can attract potential customers who are already interested in their product or service. 


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SEO, Keywords and Copywriting

Building your brand and website for success

The ILC team is experienced in building backlinks, optimizing your site and content for success, and making sure your site doesn't just look great - it performs too. 
Lets talk about building your site to get the ranking you want! 

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Other Digital Marketing and Advertising Services

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If you are interested in something specific that you don't see on this page - feel free to reach out! We can always guide you in the right direction through one of our discovery calls or introduce you to one of our friends in the digital world.


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Together, co-owners Kat and Sam have created an all female boutique digital marketing agency that brings the best of both worlds together to build an all inclusive experience for businesses that need digital marketing, design and website assistance. Kat is the SEO, strategy and digital advertising expert, while Sam is the design expert. 

With a combined 25 years experience within the marketing and design world, we're focusing on making sure that every client The Illunis Co. takes on gets a truly tailored experience to their one-of-a-kind business.

Our team's goal is to watch your business succeed – in fact, we guarantee we have covered most major industries. Take a look at our growing list.

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Meet the ALL FEMALE team at The Illunis Co.

At The Illunis Co., we strive to create a cohesive staff, filled with like-minded people, interested in making a difference within the marketing and digital world.

After 13 years of friendship, Kat & Sam decided to combine their skills in the marketing world to create a one-of-a-kind business that allows for a one stop shop for all your business & marketing needs.

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